May 2, 2005

The Red Sea Rules - Review

The Red Sea Rules by Robert J. Morgan

I found this book sitting in the basket of books in the bathroom. So it started off as a "bathroom book" but it eventually made its way to my book bag, and then onto the side of this blog. I think its short, easy to read chapters drew me in. Here is my review of this book:

Summary: The Red Sea Rules is a short study on the situation that the Israelites found themselves in on the shores of the Red Sea. It uses this story and the lessons to apply them to today's situations. All of us find ourselves in tough situations from time to time.

The book, which is full of great quotes and some excellent short story illustrations begins with this quote from C.H. Mackintosh:

The sea was before them, Pharaoh's hosts behind them, and the mountains around them. And all this, be it observed, permitted and ordered of God.

Ultimately, we all need to recognize this truth. God is and always will be in control of the situation. And His purposes are good.

Here are the rules that are outlined in the book:

Rule 1 - Realize that God means you to be where you are.
Rule 2 - Be more concerned for God's glory than for your relief.
Rule 3 - Acknowledge your enemy, but keep your eyes on the Lord.
Rule 4 - Pray!
Rule 5 - Stay calm and confident, and give God time to work.
Rule 6 - When unsure, just take the next logical step by faith.
Rule 7 - Envision God's enveloping presence.
Rule 8 - Trust God to deliver in His own unique way.
Rule 9 - View your current crisis as a faith builder for the future.
Rule 10 - Don't forget to praise Him.

My Thoughts: I thought this book was a great read. As I mentioned before, the short chapters made this book easy to read, but those short chapters were full of really good content.

I always love books that are full of quotes. The work of this author compiling the wisdom of several other authors is both enlightening and enjoyable.

Sometimes when books like this are written, I feel like they are trying to pull a point out of thin air. But I didn't feel that way about this book. The Bible tells us that the things that happened to those people in the Old Testament, happened as an example for us. Sometimes the example is what to do, sometimes it is what not to do. But ultimately, these things happen as an example of who God is, and how He works with us.

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  1. It must have really impressed you to write in your blog about it. Well, same here, though I don't have a personal blog.

    This book was a God-sent message for my wife and I during a real trying time in our life. We looked forward to reading a chapter each day, following the counsel of God's Word for the day.

    I would recommend that a special study be made in church for those undergoing intense trials. The focus on God and His glory is not panacea but a real balm to the paining heart, mind and body.

    God bless you to posting this log.


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