May 24, 2005


Well, I gave my first two exams today: the Algebra I exam, and the Prealgebra exam. The results aren't in yet, I am about half done grading the first one right now.

Since I know that all of you out there are still using the Algebra that you learned in Algebra I, I would like to post 4 questions on this blog.

Post your answers in the comments. (If anyone can get all 4 of them right, maybe I will put an extra point on every Algebra exam... or something like that. Am I allowed to do that? Of course I am! I am the teacher! Ha, ha ha! Hmm... maybe if nobody can get all 4 of them right, I will take off points... Oh yeah! ...Wait a minute, hold those phones kiddies, I am just joking!)

Here they are:

1. Simplify this expression.

2. Solve this absolute value inequality.

3. Solve this system of linear equations.

4. Solve this quadratic equation.


  1. ok, here we go. i better get these right. or i will feel very stupid.

    1. y9/27x3
    [y to the 9th over 27 times x cubed]

    2. -9 greaterthanorequalto x greaterthanorequalto -1

    3. (-2,3)

    4. This is the one that I can't figure out....!?!
    -1 plus/minus squarerootof 65 all over 2

    or... 3.53 or -4.53

    I'm sure that's wrong, but I just finished my Chem2 final, you can't expect too much outta me.

  2. I'll give a try (my trig final is done).

    1) y to 9th power over 9 times x to the 3rd power

    2) x is greater or equal to -1 and less then or = 9

    3) x=-2, y=3

    4) -5 + or - radical 65 over ten. (and i don't know what that is simplified).

    The weird thing about math, is that it's rather relaxing. I can't cram one more spanish word or english poet into my head, but math is just like solving a puzzle. Its taking a bunch of random pieces and fitting them all together to make one simple equation!

  3. Matt,
    I can't do it. I don't know how to put thoswe expressions in the Google calculator. Besides, I majored in Psychology. We don't need no stinkin algebra in psychology; well, at least I don't. :-)

  4. Which buttons do I press on the calculator for those questions?

  5. hmm, I got all of the same answers as Stephanie...that last one has got me stumped. i still think it's -1 plus/minues the square root of 65 all over 2

    i did it 3 different times, and that's all i can come up with. are you sure it's not right?

    ok, i did it again, and got 3/20...i don't know how that brain is fried from my physics exam. maybe i'll get it later.

  6. I would try, but I had my algebra II exam yesterday (yuck) and so I'm all mathed out.

  7. Well, I think that Tirzah got it right. I will have to double check my answers, but I think that Stephanie made the "commom error" on the last one.

  8. I'm feeling very, very old right now. Can it possibly be decades since I even looked at such things???

  9. what the deuce? ...looks like fun, but i won't try, just to spite y'all. (mwahahahahahaaa...)

  10. Oooh, check if i got it right? were these on like the Alg. 2 final or what?

  11. WTH?!?!?!

    Mr. Harmless, I'm only in Pre-Algebra!

    ^___^ But next year I'll be in Algebra 1 with YOU!


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