March 20, 2006

The Glasses Family

Those were his words. "Well, I guess I have really joined the glasses family..." And in a way he has. I knew that it was only a matter of time with both mom and dad wearing glasses.

After we picked up the glasses, when he first came outside, he said, "It is like a whole new world." Then he proceeded to lower the glasses and then raise them back up saying, "...old world ... new world ... old world ... new world ..." Then he stopped and said, "How long have those smudges been on the window?" They had been there for a long time.

It reminded me of when I first got glasses. I can still remember walking outside and looking at the trees. I couldn't believe that you could actually see the individual leaves from a distance. It was so weird at first.

Anyway, I think that he looks pretty sharp with those glasses on. But it makes him look older too, which I am not so sure that I like. For me it seems like he just started crawling yesterday. I am not ready for him to look this old.