Thursday, March 2, 2006

Supper Club Celebrates...

This Thursday's Supper Club was lovingly dedicated to my birthday. It was so sweet that my girls would do this because, in fact, my birthday was last Monday and they all had been so kind and generous already.

Supper Club broke loose tonight and went "out" for dinner but before we went, everyone presented me with the birthday gift of a lifetime...

My long, desired after Seat Belt Purse.

Mine is the beautiful razzleberry one in the front and I now join the ranks of my supper sisters and our awesome purses. This was an expensive present (and the little bit of tact I have left won't let me cross over and tell you how much it was...Shut up, Charity! Get over the cost!) but I am aware it was a sacrificial gift given out of great love.

We laughed ourselves till the near midnight hour...Which in turn got us all free meals but that story is too long and sorted to explain for now! Regardless, we had a ball and I could not have felt more like I was celebrating with family.

In a time where I thought I had given up the chance at best friends...I am blessed four times fold!

Anne, Di, Cella, and Amy...I love you guys! Thank you for a lovely birthday I'll never forget.

Charity and Anne

Charity and Di

Charity and Marcella

Di and Anne

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  1. Hey,
    Your hair looks nice and it looked like you had a great night. I'm glad the birthday blues faded away for you. Your purse is very pretty. I guess I'll take the one I got you back...

    It's okay, some of us are just selfless in that way! ~S:)


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