September 30, 2006


Thanks to the Mast General Store, I have rediscovered the Bit-O-Honey.

I haven't had any since I was a kid. My dad used to get them all of the time. At least the way I remember it, it was all of the time. In reality, he probably only picked that candy a few times. Regardless of how often my dad purchased these little delights, they always seemed like an "adult" candy to me.

I can't actually remember any exact event that led me to believe this. Maybe it was because the adults wouldn't share their Bit-O-Honey's with me. Or maybe they had a fear that I would choke on it or something ( is a very chewy candy). Possibly it was a little bit of both; they convinced themselves that I wouldn't be able to handle it's awesome chewiness, so they hoarded them all for themselves!

Eventually I was able to get my hands on one. I felt like I was intruding into the land of adulthood with my stolen bit-o-sweetness.

All of that put aside, I am lovin' these candies!

Unfortunately I can't eat just one. I stick one in my mouth, and it never lasts as long as I really want it to. I chew on it for awhile, enjoying every little squish of juicy honey-nutness, then suddenly it disintegrates. The flavor lingers for awhile, mostly due to the little bits that have attached themselves to my teeth. Once that last little bit has been wrenched loose with my tongue, I give it a quick chew then catch a glimpse of the jar out of the corner of my eye. I usually end up having a little pile of wrapper debris before I force myself to stop.