October 13, 2006


Today we found out that our former cat, Willow, has died.

We had Willow for a few years and she even made the move South but we sent her back up North because she was such a good cat to breed and we could find no one in driving distance that could become a "daddy" with her.

She was a great cat and while she was very vocal, few people met her that didn't find something to like about her.

We aren't sure what she died of but they are speculating that it could have been from a broken heart. Cats in general and hairless cats in particular are very prone to stress and depression when they are relocated and everything else about Willow seemed healthy.

This was Sam and Jo's first pet and through teary eyes they tried to finish their hotdogs today for lunch.

Willow was always very good with the boys and very loving with them. She saw them through every fever(which some may say was because of how warm they were!..But I like to think it was her compassion.)

Josiah was very confused why there wasn't a "kitty doctor" that could save Willow from dying. It was very sad.

Goodbye, Willow Naked Harmless! We hope you've gone somewhere very sunny.