October 3, 2006

I fell.

I fell down today.

Normally that wouldn't be such a big deal, but I landed on a wardrobe bar. (Pictured to the right.) When I stood up, I didn't think that I had hurt myself that bad, but then I started seeing drops of blood all over everything in my truck. After I bled down the hallway in the office where I work, I soon realized that the office staff had come to the consensus that I needed to have it looked at.

I fought against it for awhile, but when I couldn't get it to stop bleeding, I knew that I had to go. So, my 8-year-old son may have gotten stitches at a younger age, but now we are both part of the stitches club. I even got stitched up in the same room that he did.

Unfortunately I also had to get a tetanus shot. (Yes, that is how you spell tetanus! Look it up if you don't believe me!) The shot was rather painful, especially for a guy who doesn't like shots, and they say that my arm is going to be really sore for the next few days.

Mostly I am posting about this because I am a blogger. And bloggers think about blogging at all times and in all situations. We also keep our camera phones with us so we can illustrate all of these situations. So, I couldn't wait to post the pre-stitched photos. Here they are: Gash Picture #1 and
Gash Picture #2


  1. Dang, man! That is gross! Actually made me sick at my stomach! Yuck! Why would you post so much blood? Why would I "have" to look at it? Yuck!

    Glad you didn't cut an artery or cut something off. I've never had to have stitches; hopefully I never will.

    Take care and be careful!

  2. GOSH MATT! you really need to stop falling, you could really hurt yourself one of these times. Good thing you are okay though, keep posting about the arm and how it is healing.

    loved the pics :)


  3. Sam told me today at the store that he felt like he and daddy were "One spirit-We're connected...it is like I can actually feel his pain on my own arm!"

    What a sweet boy...

  4. i like it that you admitted your blogger-ness. i myself slightly fall into this category. i haven't determined if it's good or bad.

    hope your arm gets better.

  5. Rick, sorry for posting the pictures of the blood... Maybe someday you will join the "stitches club" too. :)

  6. The open GASH pictures are SO GROSS yet SO AWESOME at the same time!! Thank you for sharing. Going to the hospital and getting stitches for that was a no-brainer...some things you just know and looking at that wound most people would just know it's a stitcher-upper...no question

  7. Not sure if you know this but, in case you don't...Putz, in English, is a slang term for your wee wee...

  8. Well Matt, that is a lot worse that your toe that I had to fix up at Sunset Beach. If you wanted to get mail from Peyton and Paige, you could have just asked!

  9. Well, Matt. I think it's great you posted the pictures. I haven't worked the E.R. in a while, and I kind of miss the blood and guts. Hope you heal well. Jamie R

  10. I am glad that so many of you were able to enjoy my pain!

    I have made a mental note to try and capture all of my injuries on my camera phone, so I can share them with the world.


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