October 19, 2006

Rainy Day Coping Mechanism

Today Charity let the boys pass some of the rainy day in the house by giving them our digital camera (that's when you know you've really had something a LONG time...You let two boys have it!) and letting them go to town taking pictures of themselves.

Maybe this was so she could get a little peace?...

(Mom in her favorite chair!)

Here are a few favorites!

(A picture of Sam as a baby-such a cutie! Remember him like that?)


  1. i remember sam being that little, up in wisconsin...and i was only eleven
    i miss you guys!

  2. What a fun way to amuse the kids! my kids took some pics when we were there visiting, but only a few turned out, and NOTHING that could go on a blog. (picture a close up of me and Char from Paige's height, yuk!)

  3. Lovely blog. Beautiful photos.


  4. love ite! Oh that little sambo!! ps - I'd love to see Charity!

  5. lol how fun- seriously, my digital camera is the most entertaining thing ever. i am never bored playing with my camera :) even MORE fun since madam adam got me a TWO GIG memory stick for our TWO YEAR dating anniversary :D oh and mr h- yes! it's true- i am awful at trig- working hard though!


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