January 27, 2008

The Moral Vote?

I could never... NEVER... vote for any candidate for anything if that candidate was not clearly pro-life. I am not much of a politically minded person, but that issue settles everything for me.

I equate the killing of unborn children with any other of the numerous genocides that have taken place throughout history. They are the same at their core. Someone, somewhere decides that a certain group of people are expendable and that society would be better without those people. So that someone decides that it would be OK to kill those people. It is a disgusting state of things when a country gets to that point, but it is the natural outcome of the humanistic philosophy that our children are constantly being indoctrinated with in the public school system.

It blows my mind, seriously blows my mind, that I am even typing this post. It seems so obvious to me. I would just as soon vote for a Nazi or a Communist as I would vote for someone who believes that individuals have the right to choose whether or not another individual has the right to live.

And the really crazy thing is that there are people who claim to be Christians who would vote for a candidate who is pro-genocide!

I am really sick of acting like I am some sort of back-woods red-neck for thinking this way. I challenge anyone out there to name a political issue that is more relevant, more important, or less destructive to a free society than this issue!

What would someone bring? The economy? Free-trade? War in Iraq? Border security? Illegal immigrant workers? c-mon people!

These all take a back seat to the issue of the killing of unborn children. Killing Children! That is what America has come to!

I don't believe that it is right to go out and kill the people at the abortion clinics. There is a better option to that. But I most definitely believe that it is important to exercise our right to vote, and vote for someone who at least believes that we shouldn't go around killing children that we don't want.