January 3, 2008

I Won!

Susan Wise Bauer writes history books. She is very good at it. The school I am at uses her books titled, The Story of the World for several of their history courses.

I read her blog as well. It is titled The History of the (Whole) World.

I was going through my Google Reader to see if anyone had posted any New Years posts, and I ran across hers. Her family had been watching the Twilight Zone Marathon that plays every New Years on the SciFi Channel. In her last picture you could see the TV and she says that the first person who could identify the episode would get a free autographed book.

I knew it.

Now I am getting a book!


She gave me the option of which book I could get. I chose the book titled The Well Educated Mind. I had been wanting to get that book anyway, but now I am getting it free.


  1. haha nice...r u one of those crazy people who can answer the random questions that they ask on the radio?

  2. I am not smart enough for that.

  3. I'm going to be reading The Well-Trained Mind soon and she co-wrote that one.

  4. I thought about getting that book. You will have to post a review to let me know what its like.


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