January 27, 2008

The Moral Vote?

I could never... NEVER... vote for any candidate for anything if that candidate was not clearly pro-life. I am not much of a politically minded person, but that issue settles everything for me.

I equate the killing of unborn children with any other of the numerous genocides that have taken place throughout history. They are the same at their core. Someone, somewhere decides that a certain group of people are expendable and that society would be better without those people. So that someone decides that it would be OK to kill those people. It is a disgusting state of things when a country gets to that point, but it is the natural outcome of the humanistic philosophy that our children are constantly being indoctrinated with in the public school system.

It blows my mind, seriously blows my mind, that I am even typing this post. It seems so obvious to me. I would just as soon vote for a Nazi or a Communist as I would vote for someone who believes that individuals have the right to choose whether or not another individual has the right to live.

And the really crazy thing is that there are people who claim to be Christians who would vote for a candidate who is pro-genocide!

I am really sick of acting like I am some sort of back-woods red-neck for thinking this way. I challenge anyone out there to name a political issue that is more relevant, more important, or less destructive to a free society than this issue!

What would someone bring? The economy? Free-trade? War in Iraq? Border security? Illegal immigrant workers? c-mon people!

These all take a back seat to the issue of the killing of unborn children. Killing Children! That is what America has come to!

I don't believe that it is right to go out and kill the people at the abortion clinics. There is a better option to that. But I most definitely believe that it is important to exercise our right to vote, and vote for someone who at least believes that we shouldn't go around killing children that we don't want.


  1. Amen! Julie

  2. As a believer who will almost certainly vote for a pro-choice candidate, let me highlight a few things that factor into my decision: first, it's not at all clear to me from scripture or science that we know when life begins. Second, very few people take a consistent view of the beginning and ending of life - stances on both side are scattered and emotion-laden. Third, we've had purportedly pro-life majorities in the White House, both houses of congress, and (likely) on the Supreme Court - and nothing has changed, leading me to believe that most pro-life politicians are more concerned with their election than their stated position.

    As such, though I personally oppose abortion as the safer grounds (e.g., if we do not know something to be morally permissible we should abstain), I cannot be a single-issue voter. There are numerous other issues with both quantity and quality of life implications. I choose to weigh those in my decision. I'm not trying to change anyone's mind, just explaining how a Christian can vote for a pro-choice candidate while fully aware that he will answer to a thrice-holy God for that action.

    I'll not put my name on this because this is such a combustible issue, but (so it's clear I'm not hiding behind anonymity) I'll reveal that we grew up on the same street.

  3. Ah, give me a break! You are hiding!

    But since I posted my name-be sure NOT to feel judged! I'd also hide if I shared your opinion.

    Go ahead, Mr H...let's have a rebuttal!

  4. And you know what...I'm not really done yet!

    Why is it that liberal voters always assume that Christians are so quick to just stop investigating the stand of a politician with "if he's pro-life or not".

    Clearly I have done my duty as an American to study the candidates with their political and moral views so that I can cast a good conscience vote for the man I feel would be the "best of the worst" to lead our country.

    Frankly, pro-life or not-you and I both know that no candidate reaches the level of national government without being somewhat corrupt. I choose to be content spring boarding my interest on if a politician has the basic of moral character and values the sanctity of life. I certainly don't camp there!

    And as for the pro-lifers not doing much for our government..that shouldn't surprise you! Scripture clearly states that the only thing that will heal our land is humility and prayer oh and..."fleeing from their wicked ways".

    Do we really have to debate with someone who lived on Matt's street that abortion is wicked?


  5. Hmmm - I'm not sure where to begin. Let me first say that I'm glad that my mother - a pregnant teenager with a Baptist preacher for a father - decided that I was important enough to keep. I also want to say that I never knew my great grandmother because she died of an illegal abortion. So this topic hits home.
    I believe that scripture is clear on life in the womb. An example of that would be when John jumped in Elizabeth's womb when Mary came to them. Even then John was aware of who Jesus was. (Luke 1:41-42)
    I will also say from personal experience - having had two children - that you can't deny life is there. Take a look at an anatomy book to see that. Or go to an early sonogram and see the little blip of the heartbeat.
    I will pick a President on more than one topic - but I will not waver on this one. Because if I can allow myself to look the other way when we "reason out" why a woman would be better off killing an unborn child and then living the rest of her life with that knowledge - what else will I turn my head on?
    In Germany - someone had to look the other way when Hitler began his crusade for a perfect race. Someone somewhere looked away when the first Jew, or retarted child or gypsy was being taken away ...
    To whom much is given, much is required. We, "boy who lived down the street", were given a wonderful spiritual education. I'm sorry that life and knowledge seems to have made clear cut issues a gray area for you. I hope you will rethink who you are voting for as there are some WONDERFUL candidates that vote prolife and have other great ideas in their platforms.
    And as far as remaining anonymous - let me remind you of John Hancock. He knew what he believed in, he knew that he was risking his life - and he still signed his signature in a large bold script. If you truly believe what you write - stand by it. If not, perhaps it is better left unsaid.

  6. And on a lighter note - no matter how many times you proof read - there seems to always be a mistake that you don't see until it is posted. So rather than have it bug me all night - I spelled the word retarded wrong in my last post!


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