January 3, 2008

Show me your Faith

Have you ever heard anyone talk about showing faith like it is some sort of fuzzy feeling they get. Some hard circumstances come along, and they want to move on, but they don't want to completely expose their lack of concern for God's ways, so they begin talking about having faith in "all of this." They speak of it like it is the thing that helps them to keep a stiff upper lip.

James says that faith is shown in good deeds. Faith is demonstrated in action. You can say that you have faith all you want, but if you don't have any works, HA! That isn't real faith at all. It is some sort of distorted dead faith. Faith is not keeping a smile on your face and hoping for the best. It is actually Loving your enemies. (That is following the true definition of Love. Not just some sort of feeling, but acting for their good.) It is being patient towards people. It is showing kindness towards all. True faith produces aggressive good works.

Sometimes people talk about their faith as their ability to see that something good will happen. The misquote the Bible and talk about how God works things for good. What they really mean is that they are hoping that God will get His act together and give them something that they think is good. God is going to work it all out. God will give them the husband they want or the kids they want or the car they want or the life they want.

The "good" that God is working out in your life is to make you more like Christ. So, to "show our faith" is not some inward feeling but an outward expression. It is patience for God's work. It is meekness and kindness. It is suffering for the sake of Christ. It is those who are pure in heart.

Forget the old ways that you were doing things. The ways of selfishness and show that you actually do have faith by participating in God's Kingdom.

Sorry for the rant. It was poorly put together, but it has been on my mind all day.