August 4, 2008

I need a break...

This summer has flown by.  Seriously.  I don't even have that back at school awkward feeling when I walked in my room.  It seemed like I had just been here the day before.

The biggest reason this summer flew by is my lack of time off.  I went straight from working at the school to working at the moving company.  Then I have only taken two days off from the moving company.  One Friday for a short family trip to Chimney Rock, the other was a Tuesday because I had the flu. Add in the hours that I have worked at the church, and it has been packed with work.

Now, here it is a Monday, and I am back at work at the school.

Fortunately I am going to take a short vacation starting this week.  I am starting with a little family reunion in Gatlinburg, TN.  Then I am going to visit more family in Indiana and Illinois.  We are then taking a little trip up to Chicago for son #1's 10th birthday.

But do you think that I am going to leave all that work behind?  Oh no.  I will, of course, be bringing some of that school work with me.  Mostly books that I need to read, but work none-the-less. 

Hey boss, when is break time?