Saturday, August 23, 2008

Vacation Pics

I am too lazy to do a full vacation post, so instead I will do a slideshow...


  1. So you're still going out with Charity? I was getting ready to introduce you to a nice girl named Keri Rudge. Oops, I guess that didn't work out that well. I tried to call your number but it gave me to a trackdown service. I don't usually talk to those, but maybe I'll have to if you're one of those people who never answer the phone.

    Dan First

  2. I try to never answer the phone... e-mail me your number and I might let you pass right on through, without talking to the operator...

    I checked out your music. I am still a fan of the first tape you did, but I am waiting for a greatest hits release.

  3. WHAT THE???

    Watch it, Dan!


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