Friday, September 19, 2003

my friend

Last night as I was on my way to bed, I stopped by my son's room. I went inside and saw that he was still awake (as usual) so I crawled into bed beside him.

All evening he had been asking me to play with him... I never did. I had been "too tired" or "too busy" or "talking to mommy" or lame excuse, lame excuse, lame excuse...

After I crawled into bed with him, he snuggled up to me. I whispered in his ear, "I am so sorry that I didn't play with you tonight." I was getting ready to say some more, but before I could, he reached over and put his hand on my face, and said, "That's ok daddy, I forgive you."

We talked for a little while longer, and then I went to bed. It was a sweet moment that I won't forget for a long time.

Even though I don't think of him this way very often, he is not only my son, he is also one of my truest friends.

I usually don't use absolute words, but let me tell you a couple of "always" things about Sam...

He ALWAYS wants to be with me.
He is ALWAYS happy to see me.
He is ALWAYS sad when I have to leave.
He is ALWAYS sorry when he has been wrong.
He ALWAYS forgives me when I have been wrong.
He will now and ALWAYS love me no matter what.

I will ALWAYS love "Son #1". He is one of my truest friends.

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