Sunday, September 14, 2003

those of the type artistic

The artistic types are very
very interesting, they always seem
to have that most interesting
thing to say, and they seem

to be able to word things in a way
that is most fitting
to any situation,
and when they have fully expressed
themselves you sit back

and admire their thinking.
The only problem is
that when you truly begin
to ponder, the pondering begins
to reveal that in reality
their depth is absolutely
full of shallow.

The artistic types have fooled us all.
For the most part they know nothing
of reality. Theirs is one
that could never exist
and should never exist.
Where true love is rare
and spirituality a gift.

The artistic types have fooled us all.
The real is composed of dirt and sweat,
blood, difficulty and grossness,
choices, boredom,
and beauty.

In the real,
true love and spirituality
are a choice away
there they are
just sitting there waiting
to have coffee with you
and wondering when
you will stop hitting
the snooze button.

the real is me
the real is you
the real is God
the real is tears
and years of joy
the real is a vanilla coke
after Sunday night church.

Those of the type artistic have fooled us all.

I think that the artistic type has fooled me for the last time.


  1. artistic types write about true love and spirituality all the time... where have you been?


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