Wednesday, October 22, 2003


I don't normally just put in a commentary style blog, but I think that I am going to give it a good healthy attempt today.

I just finished reading several blogs of people that I don't know. Some of them were quite interesting. I love to see what the different titles are, and how people choose to describe themselves.

Sometimes it is difficult to read other people's blogs because you don't know anything about them. Some people write very extensive blogs, and it always seems like they are better bloggers, just because they have more to say. (That is why I am trying to write such an extensive blog today.)

I have also noticed that this blog thing is addictive. I am constantly thinking about what I could blog about. Most of the time it is something ridiculous. I would like to think that there are a few good ones in there too. (Like the ones about Son 1, or the poems about my wife.)

I would like to blog more, but it seems that sometimes my schedule is a little too constrictive for very extensive blogging. For example, this last week was very hectic...

  • On Monday, I had meetings at the school all day.
  • Soccer practice Monday evening.
  • Tuesday, was the last Junior High Soccer game. We spent several hours in the bus, to sit and wait for our game, which when the game started, it also started raining and sleeting. The game was canceled. We ate at Burger King (which lets the bus driver eat for free) on the way back. We didn't get back until late.
  • Wednesday was the last day of teaching the Faith Bible Institute Computer class. I enjoyed teaching that class, but I am glad that the responsibility is over.
  • Thursday, Love's Dad went into the Hospital. The guy is never sick, but when he is it is a doozie! Thursday night I had the kids by myself, while they were in their usual fun mood, I tried to get some work done.
  • Friday was the end of the quarter.
  • I gave an Algebra II test on Friday.
  • Bible projects were due on Friday.
  • Love went to see her Dad again on Friday (at this time they thought that he had SARS or West Nile Virus). She spent the night at the hospital Friday night.
  • I also drove the children to visit with Grammy so I could try to get some work done (you know, grades and such).
  • Saturday I had to help with the administration of the PSAT's.
  • I spent the rest of the day at McDonald's studying for the two sermons that I had to preach at Edgewood Baptist Church on Sunday.
  • I also had to enter all of my grades into the computer.
  • On Sunday, I woke up early, drove to Illinois, I preached, then I studied, then I preached.
  • Then I drove an hour with my two little ones, while listening to veggie tales the whole way, just to get back home.
  • Monday, I tried to finish up the grading that I had to do, and get prepared for classes.
  • Love went to see her dad again on Monday. By this time they thought that he had Anthrax poisoning.
  • I tried to work with the kids in the house, but it didn't go well.
  • All of the grades had to be finished by Tuesday at 8:00 am, and turned in, to the office.
  • I was being observed by Mrs. Sutherland (one of the best teachers in the world) on Tuesday, and I still had to finish entering the grades in.
  • Everything kind of slid together...
  • Love's dad came home, because the insurance company didn't want to pay any longer. He ended up with some disease that I have never heard of.

And now here I am, with so much to do that I just want to blog instead of doing any work.

Oh well...

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