Tuesday, October 7, 2003

Ode to spaghetti

with your red tomato sauce
and your long lovely noodles,
you remind me of sweaters
on little white poodles.

O I love to eat you
(not referring to the canines,
but to those lovely noodles
with the ground up bovines.)

I'll poke my fork in
and give a little twirl,
splattering tiny red dots,
all over that girl,

sitting right beside me
in her dress shirt of white
looking extremely mad
and overflowing with spite.

She doesn't love you spaghetti
the exact way I do
when at the restaurant
she never orders you

In fact, I think she's leaving,
"Hey where you goin',
don't you like spaghetti,
with the cheese overflowin'?"

Well, there she goes
the women are always leavin'
while into my mouth
spaghetti mounds I'm heavin'.



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