Saturday, December 13, 2003


When your wife is out of town for 10 days it is easy to get a little lonely.

In fact, I have been so lonely that I have found reasons to stay at the school as late as I can. The earliest that I have been home is 8:00. And at least three weekdays I have been the last person to leave the building.

But I have to be honest, It is less about going home to an empty house, and more about going home to Willow! Willow, my hairless cat, is pregnant. She is very lonely right now, too! I can hear her before I open the door. She is in there crying for me! The first couple of days it was ok. I would pet her for awhile, but then she wouldn't leave me alone. She is driving me crazy!

My family is coming back either today or tomorrow, depending on the weather. And once they are here, I will be whole again! (And I won't have to pet that stupid cat anymore!)

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