Monday, December 15, 2003


This Sunday I had the privelege of filling pulpit at the United Church of Morocco.

For those of you who don't know, this is something that I do every time I get a chance. It started several years ago, when I started preaching at the Rescue Mission in Danville, IL every Thursday night. I did that for nearly a year, and then I got married, and my job changed starting times, so I had to quit.

Since then I have filled pulpit at Edgewood Baptist Church in Danville, IL, First Baptist Church in Covington, IN, Central Baptist Church in Iron Mountain, MI, and now The United Church of Morocco in Morocco, IN. I have to say that of all the things that I enjoy, preaching is the one that I enjoy the most. There are no other times in my life that I am as emptied of myself as when I am preaching. I absolutely love it!

I have even considered on many occasions becoming a youth Pastor. But I don't know about that! Alot of things would have to fall into place before that happens! But never-the-less, I think that I would enjoy it immensely!!

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