April 19, 2004

the end is near!

I have been looking at my calendar, and I have noticed that the end is near.

The end of school, that is.

And it is sad. I know that God is moving me on (that is a long story that will have to be saved for another day... another blog), but man, is it hard. They don't teach you about this in college.

Some of you teachers know what I am talking about. The Love! I mean, I really love these kids! I just think through my day, and there are about 200 people that I genuinely care about, that I might not see again. I could go down the list of names, but it would take too long. Normally when I move, I am leaving about 5 people behind, this time it is a little different.

They just don't train you for this. I am sure that I had plenty of warnings, and even if I didn't, its almost like, "duh!" I mean, if you spend every day of your life pouring your time and effort into a group of people, love is gonna arrive. And I don't even think I knew how much I loved this particular group of people until I knew that I was gonna leave. And then, WHAM! Heart-breakage! I can't say that I haven't shed a few tears at the thought of going.

And then keeping it a secret from them for such a long time, what a relief for me, but it was a blow to them. I had gotten used to the idea, but it was fresh for them.

On the positive side... I will say that I have received some of the most heart-felt compliments in the last couple of weeks though. These kids are very encouraging with their words. And there are some of them that have made me feel so loved these last few weeks, its amazing!

I won't continue on any further, cause I could go on for awhile. I just wanted to say thanks for the encouragement, and I wanted to let you all know how much I love you.

Seriously, I love you guys.

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