April 15, 2004

living in a tin house

For our anniversary my wife bought me a book. It was a book that she had seen me looking at while we were strolling around Barnes & Noble. The Title of the book is THREE TO SEE THE KING by Magnus Mills.

It is a small novel about this guy that leaves everything to live in a house made out of tin. He is thoroughly content with his simple life until neighbors start showing up. It is a very intriguing little book that you are sure the whole time you are reading it, that it is about someting more. The cover has a testimonial from some journalist that says it is about "... leadership..." and "...relationships..." and since he is some journalist and I am Matt Harmless... well, he's probably right.

All I know is that I felt like I really related to the main character. I appreciated his approach to the circumstances that came his way. I think that living in a tin house in the middle of the wilderness wouldn't be all that bad.

It was a good little read, and a nice quiet interlude before the "flu-epidemic." I think that I enjoyed it, and would recommend it. Thanks Magnus Mills!

Check out the book...
by Magnus Millsimg

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