September 20, 2005

NHCC Hurricane Relief

If you have been reading my blog lately, you may have noticed that I was able to take a trip to Pascagoula, MS. It was absolutely amazing. It was really hard work, but I was filled with joy every step of the way.

Well, my church has decided that they want to finish strong with this endeavor. They do not want to start something up, and then after a few months we have no involvement with those who are in need. It will take years to get this area back to normal, so we want to be a part of this for as long as we can.

Because of this mind-set, there is more than one way that we are trying to help. This was never meant to be a one time trip down there. This was also a scouting party. We went looking for needs, and man did we find them.

We have already adopted a family that lost everything during the storm and helping them relocate. We have lined up housing, job interviews, and have started purchasing all of the necessities of life. Everything from the kitchen table to living room furniture to bath towels to... you name it!

Also we are sending a second work team down there. The church that we visited during the first trip was almost entirely staffed by people who had lost their own homes. There were people who basically had no where else to go, so they decided to spend this new-found time at the church, sorting donations. But a person can only do that for so long. Eventually they will run out of energy, and they also need to spend some time on their own families needs.

Well, my wife who was dying to go on the last trip, is getting her wish. The second work team is going to be leaving on Friday and returning on Sunday. My two sisters are graciously going to be watching my boys on Friday.

I hope that her trip goes well. And I hope that they are able to minister to many people while they are down there.

The name of Christ is being lifted up on the gulf coast, because of the work and dedication of the Christians. May His name continue to be glorified!


  1. I've come to think of myself as the "Jonah" of the Hurricane Katrina Relief trips. My current trip has been cancelled aside from the former trip I was kicked off of because of gender preferences, so....I guess I'm like Jonah and somebody ought to just through me to the fish so we can get some work done down South!

  2. Sorry honey... I know you really wanted to go!


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