September 17, 2005

Some Trip Pictures

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Here is a picture taken at the donation site. My wife, who really wanted to go on this trip, but was unable to, ended up being one of the major contributing factors in making the trip a success.

In front of the church there were mounds of clothes that had been donated. Just try to imagine losing everything that you own... That is what those people are in need of.

They were also pumping free gas out in front of the church. We talked to people who had been waiting in line for over 2 hours for free gas. One lady's car died right when she was the next one up. When I popped the hood to take a look, there was mud up around the engine. Many of the cars in the city had been flooded. The Church parking lot had 4 feet of water at one point.

This is where we set up to prepare the food. Over the course of the day we fed nearly 1000 people. We brought meals and lemonade to the people in the line for the free gas. We also took meals out to several of the apartment complexes. There were several different groups of children out playing that we were able to bring a warm meal to.

Each room in the church had been converted into a store room of sorts. This picture is of the "water room." They also had a canned goods room, a toiletries room, and a medicines room, along with about anything else you could think of.

Here is a picture of the Pastor's wife when we gave her the banner from our church. The Pastor, his wife, and many others at the church had lost their homes due to flooding, yet they were there at the church donating their time and energy to helping others in the community.

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