April 7, 2006

Ah...The Wonderful Discovery!

It finally clicked today for Sam...the joy of reading books!

So far, reading has been on a demand basis only, required of him by his teacher (mommy) and accomplished through a few minutes at our kitchen table so we can move on to the beloved subject-Math. I will never understand that, but...oh well!

I was straightening the house and I happened upon little boy Harmless engrossed in the comic book of his choice without prompting!

Good for you, Sambo!

No, it's not the classic literature I would hope for him to read but for now, Dad's old comic books will do!

(Final note- Lest you fear that this indoor hobby will turn him away from his outdoor adventures...double click on the picture and look at his feet! DISGUSTING! Boys really are gross!)


  1. great teaching Char! Now what I want to know is, does he keep his room that neat on his own, or does he have help??

  2. Our Emily is a fantastic reader. She can read almost anything with expression. The problem was, being good at it wasn't enough to make her want to do it on her own. "Reading is boring"

    Thankfully, she has now discovered the joy of reading and when we go on holiday in a couple of weeks, she'll be bringing a few books to keep her reading up.

  3. Are you sure his glasses work? He is pretty close to that book!

  4. Do boys ever stop being gross? ;)

  5. Boys never stop being gross.

    Have you ever met a man?

  6. It is great fun to read while traveling. I never seem to be able to do that anymore...


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