April 22, 2006

take me out to the ball game

I took my eldest to the new Greenville Stadium tonight. A friend of mine had two extra tickets that he wasn't going to be able to use, so he offered them to me. They were corporate seats, so we were up on the top level.

They were great seats, and we were up where all of the "rich people" sit. We had our own little room next to our seats. There was a flatscreen TV, fridge, and a waitress. (Ridiculous, if you ask me.)

Almost in spite of the "rich people" seats, I decided to have a great time anyway. We did the typical popcorn and drink. Of course Samuel had to have the ice cream in the little hat.

Sam caught on right away to what was going on, and we had a good time rooting for the home team, The Greenville Drive. We chanted, "We want a pitcher, not a belly itcher" and "...hey batter, batter, batter... swing, batter!"

Overall a good time, and I wanted to share it with all of you.


  1. Not fair...REALLY not fair!

  2. Matt,

    Don't EVER think that a waitress at an event like that is ridiculous. Sounds mighty fine to me! I'm glad you and your son had a good time at the game; we don't get much baseball over here in Asia. I hear they have it in Japan, but that is REALLY the "rich people" seats!

  3. America's favorite pastime, I love watching baseball games, especially when I went w/ my parents as a little kid

    Sam'll never forget it, rich people seats are sweet for little kids

  4. A little part of me really liked the rich people seats. But there was no way I was going to show it outwardly. That goes against everything I stand for!


  5. rich people seats! at purdue i work w/ the catering company that serves in the pressbox for the football games, and i AM one of those waitresses- except we're called "suite attendants." there is definitely a whole other atmosphere up there! glad you guys had a blast :)


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