May 13, 2006

My Current View

This Sunday I am teaching one of the adult Sunday School classes. The class is a Biblical Counseling Class, and the regular teacher is on vacation. He asked me a few weeks ago to be the substitute teacher for him, and I gladly obliged. The topic that I was given was, The Idols of the Heart.

Since he asked me to do this, I have been doing some major studying on this whole concept. I have heard this topic taught more than once, but anytime you have to teach something yourself, you want to be as fully prepared as possible.

Today, I am finishing up the notes for the first lesson, and I decided to make my "office" the deck outside my house. Here is a video of my view while I work.

(Don't worry, I haven't decided to add a video to every post that I do from now on...)


  1. it looks so nice in sc- it's been rainging here for a week now! your back yard is cute, and was that sam?! what a stud :D lol good luck with the sunday school thing, you're great at teaching :)

  2. Thanks for the encouragement. I hope things are going well for you up in rainy Lafayette!


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