May 25, 2007

Mountain Dew

My love of the Dew goes back a long time. Back when the phrase was "... Doing it country cool..." Back when it was guys in cut off jeans swinging from ropes into a lake.

That is when I began to love the Dew.

It has transitioned over the years, of course. Sometimes I loved the Dew because of its flavor. Then I went through a spell when it was all about me, and I drank the Dew because it helped me get through the tough spots, the 2nd and 3rd shift jobs, and I needed that boost to finish loading that truck.

But then when I hit 30 the Dew turned on me. I couldn't take all of that sugar all of the time, so I switched to The Dew's Sister, The Diet Dew.

I still drink it on a daily basis. Sometimes I drink Diet Coke or Diet Dr. Pepper, but I always come back to the Dew. It has been a friend, a comforter, a pick me up, and even a gift when I left one of the schools I worked at (those kids really knew me).

Thanks Mountain Dew.


  1. I laughed out loud. A brother in Dew. You are my BID!!! I understand the swap to Diet only on a mental level - not on a taste bud level. But Gary has started liking the Diet MD so it is in our fridge as I type this. I however have a big 32oz drink of the good stuff in the fridge waiting on me to finish this comment.


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