May 28, 2007

Why do I blog?

Rodney Olsen from The Journey just posted five reasons why he blogs, and has encouraged others to share their reasons. I don't have five reasons in my head yet, so I am going to make them up as I go.

  1. In my mind, I believe that it makes me a better writer. I don't (at all) consider myself to be a writer of any sort, but I would like to be. I admire writers, good ones, and would like to improve on this area of my life. I don't know if it is actually helping, but I think it does.
  2. I still think that blogging is cool (in a geeky sort of way). I know that there are some who have stated that blogging is fading away, but I just think that it is weeding itself out. The true bloggers will remain for a little longer yet.
  3. I feel like I am talking to people when I blog. I like the idea that I am going to hit that little publish button, and then there are going to be people that read this later. Rodney called this "community" and I have to agree. There are a couple of people out there that I would never have met, but now I feel like I know them. I feel the desire to share with them and be held accountable with them. I want to know about their lives, and they seem to want to know about mine.
  4. I feel a little obligated. I know that I am not obligated at all, but since I have been doing this since 2003, I don't want to stop now. It just seems wrong.
  5. It is something to do.
If you would like to share why you blog, please let me know. Post a comment below with a link to the reasons why you blog. Hopefully your reasons are better than mine!


  1. you should feel were the one who started faith on that fad :)...hehe

  2. Oh no!

    I don't want credit for that. Surely there was some other impact that I made at Faith besides blogging!


  3. Nope sorry!...haha...just joking...

  4. Great point of view.. :) Blogging also is one way to express your inside thoughts. But why was the title is Harmless Thoughts?


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