April 21, 2008

Scaled Perspective

I really wish I knew who to give credit to for these pictures. I got the e-mail forwarded from my mom.

Louie Giglio did a presentation similar to this during his Indescribable tour. I found a copy that someone did with their video camera.

God breathed the stars into existence?!?


  1. Very humbling, isn't it? This also reminds me of how insignifcant we seem when compared to the universe, but the Creator of the universe still cares about our existence.

  2. oh long lost blogger friend :)

    Hi mr. harmless.. ruthie here (britney scheiners friend) I thought I'd check out your blog again. glad you see you're still enlightening the world!

  3. Thanks Brett. I checked your link out. Like your blog too.

  4. Ruthie! Long time, no see!

    It is good to hear from you. Get your blog a rolling again, so we can keep up with you!


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