Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Good Listening

I just bought Keith Green the live experience CD/DVD Combo.

I went into the store to buy my wife a CD for Mother's day. While I was back browsing the CD's I noticed this one out of the corner of my eye. I am recommending it because I absolutely love it.

I have always loved Keith Green. And even though I didn't start listening to him until after he had died, he was still a major influence in my life. His music opened my eyes to a much different perspective of Christianity than I was completely familiar with. His message is still impacting me.

So, I heartily recommend this CD and DVD. Especially if you are already a Keith Green fan, you will really enjoy this. There should be some clips on the right hand column of this blog. If there aren't, please drop me an e-mail.


  1. Would it make you feel jealous if I told you that I actually saw Keith in concert in Perth many years ago or would that just make me sound old?

  2. Dude! We have to take a listen/look next weekend.

  3. Rodney, I feel really jealous! What an awesome memory that would be!

    It doesn't make you sound old. It just makes you sould "older"...


  4. Ed, I am really looking forward to you guys being here. Most definitely we will be watching the DVD. I have only watched a couple of clips of it.

  5. Matt, did Dan First turn you on to Keith? I don't remember who introduced who, but I know that he and I both got hooked on him back when I worked at the Open Door (which Jen and Kirby Myers love to point out is now "closed"). I just listened to this live CD on Rhapsody--fantastic!

  6. Dan introduced me. He also introduced me to Larry Norman and Randy Stonehill and John Michael Talbot and...

    Seriously though, you have to watch the DVD. Keith Green was ahead of his time. The things he addresses in there are the same things we are dealing with today.


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