November 21, 2009


Chrome OS?

I would describe this, but I think this video does a much better job of that... And if I tried to describe it, I would most likely be quoting bits of the video, and then my message would feel very disjointed because I wasn't quoting the whole video, and then you might be confused and not want to watch the video.  In fact, if I type any more than what I have already typed, you won't even bother to watch the video, because most of you (and me) don't read blogs that are more that 140 characters, thanks to Twitter.

Anyway, here is a video.

I feel giddy.

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  1. And others feel frightened... When all info you want to protect is out there in the cloud, and the government comes along and says, "We need to have access to that information because Mr. Anderson appears to be a terrorist," then the people like Google, Sun, Microsoft, IBM, etc. will be obligated to give access to that information.

    I myself am excited as well about the cloud technologies, but have to have an answer for those who are frightened: I have to have complete confidence in the God who ultimately protects me. If I have nothing to hide from Him, then I have nothing to hide from them. And if they misuse my data to harm me in some way, I must still remember to fear Him who can destroy both soul and body in hell.


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