Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Hymn of the Legalist

I just saw these lyrics posted on The Blazing Center.  It was written by Stephen Altrogee, with a little humor I assume...
Jesus Paid It Some

I hear the Savior say,
“You’re not doing enough;
Work your fingers to the bone,
I will save those who are tough.”

Jesus paid it some
I will do the rest
Sin had left a crimson stain
Now I will give my best

For now indeed I’ll try
To earn your love and grace
I’ll add the works I have
To complete the price you paid.


And when before the throne
I’ll give my deeds to you,
I’ll hope I’ve done enough
To make you let me through.

REFRAIN (3x just to be sure)
If you are a true legalist, you just sang that.  There is no way you were merely reading it.

I am thinking about starting a support group for recovering legalists.  We will call ourselves LA (Legalists Anonymous).  We will meet at a different time each week, and you are never allowed to show up early.

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  1. he has a really good point...sadly most of us who have grown up in the christianish community have no idea what grace is...makes me often wonder how many are actually saved...i certainly wasn't most of my years in church and school...i just hope not many others are in that boat

    glad to see this blog is still kicking

    (ps: ann-marie commenting)


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