Thursday, September 2, 2010


Two comments about the messages at Edgewood.

First, we started, through the efforts of my sister, a CD ministry at the church.  There is an older gentleman who attends very faithfully, and has been a great encouragement to me, who requested some sermons to take home to his wife, who is no longer able to leave the house.  After discussing it for a couple of weeks, my sister finally took the initiative to get it started.  Now we are rolling!

We will make the sermons available individually or in a set.  Then the sermons will be available to borrow from the church or purchase for $1 a CD.

Second, I get excited about little things like this which leads me to want to promote it.  The only problem with promoting this is that is feels like self-promotion!  No matter how I say it, it just sounds like I am saying, "Hey buy some CDs of ME!  Cause I'm just that awesome!"  So, I don't want to say anything, because I don't want to come across like that... but at the same time I want to promote the things that I am talking about!

For example, this last week I started tackling James 2:14-26.  A passage of scripture that has either been misunderstood or ignored so many times.  It is so potent in what it says that Martin Luther, the Great Reformer, didn't include the Book of James in his Bible!  We can't do that!  We can't be picking and selecting the parts of the Bible that make us feel good!  No!  I believe that Martin Luther eventually put his Bible back together, but we don't want to spend anytime away from the fullness of the Word!

So, if you would like hear a bit of the first part of the passage of scripture that changed my life  when I first read it back in February 1992, then I invite you to take a few minutes to listen to these words.

Living Faith: Part 1 from James 2:14-17

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