Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Chrome OS

About a week ago I applied for the Chrome OS Pilot Program.  This is the program where they send you their new Chrome Laptop... the Cr-48... and you have to agree to use it and send them feedback.

This sounded like my kind of thing.  Get a free laptop.  Agree to get on the web.  Tell people what you think.

Well.  Guess What?  I GOT ONE!

It came in the mail today.  They didn't even send me an e-mail telling me that I had been selected!  I just got a free laptop!  And it is Google's!  This is what I am using right now to blog!

If anyone wants to know about the Chrome OS laptop... Send your questions here and I will tell you.  So far it is really cool.

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  1. I applied for one too! So. Jealous. I have tried booting the Chrome OS on my laptop from a USB; it works well except my sound card isn't supported (meh). Can't wait for them to finish the testing and release the full version!


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