Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Pursuit of God (Review)

The Pursuit of GodI just finished another Christian Audio book.  This one was called The Pursuit of God by A.W. Tozer. I first read this book back in 2004, and it has continued to play an influential role in my life since that first reading.

I just finished writing my review for the Christian Audio site and would like to quote that review here:

In searching for the words to write a proper review for this book, I continue to find that my vocabulary is coming up short.  My desire is to write a review that will point you to the purchase of this book, whether you buy the audio version or the print version it is a purchase that I highly recommend.
I read through this book several years ago, and find that it still holds a place of prominence in my thinking.  His words stirred in me a deeper passion for God and answered questions that I didn't even know that I was asking.  I hesitate writing this way at the risk of sounding over-dramatic, but it had a truly dramatic impact in my life.  Nearly every page of the book is filled with thoughts and ideas that deserve quoting and reveal the accumulated wisdom of this man.
In the preface of the book we hear how there is a scarcity of attributed quotes because this is a work of Tozer's years of study and accumulated knowledge.  In other words, there are ideas that he freely attributes to others, but because of the years of study he can't pinpoint where specific ideas came from.  It is also told that Tozer wrote this book while on his knees.  That position of prayer if felt throughout every page.
Over the last few days as I have listened to the audio version of this book, I have found that it has once again added fuel to the fire of my passions for God.  The voice talent for this book, Grover Gardner, read in such a way that I felt as if I was listening to Tozer himself narrating this book to me while he prayed through these words.
I would like to encourage to you consider purchasing this book.  Especially if you already own the print version, the audio version will bring things to the surface that you have never noticed before.
To go to Christian Audio to see the listing for this book, click here.  You can also go to amazon.com to purchase a print version of this book.  To see a few other posts that I have done regarding A.W. Tozer, click here.

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