Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Video Games are Stupid

It is interesting to me that this argument would work very well on the topic of watching sports... also stupid. Playing sports has some profit (I Tim. 4:8), but I think only if it is used to further the gospel.


  1. Matt. I totally agree. However, I must put in a caveat for the online multiplayer games. I put in hours of play per week (with my wife, by the way) and spend that time with people from all over North America.
    I have counseled some [marital, pre-marriage, grief, job-loss], I have shared the Gospel with them, and I hope that every word that comes out of my mouth or from my fingers shows them Christ.
    If it wasn't with other people, it would be a waste. People are not a waste of time, no matter how bad they seem to be to us, Christ paid the price.

  2. Great point. I am glad you added that in. It is so easy to demonstrate one side of an issue when you blog, but most things are usually multi-faceted.


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