Thursday, April 14, 2011


GalileoJust started my next book from Book Sneeze.  This one is called Galileo by Mitch Stokes.  It is part of the Christian Encounters series from Thoma Nelson Publishers.

The back of the book gives this description:
It's no mystery how profound a role Galileo Galilei played in the Scientific Revolution.  Less explored is the Italian innovator's sincere, guiding faith in God.  In this exhaustively researched biography that reads like a page-turning novel, Mitch Stokes draws on his expertise in philosophy, logic, math, and science to attune modern ears with Galileo's controversial genius.
I have read through the first three or four chapters, and I have to agree that it does read similar to a novel, but the author goes to great lengths to validate everything with the proper footnotes. He also avoids making assumptions about Galileo motives and thoughts, either leaving it up to the reader to decide, or offering a guess, but making sure it is described as a guess.

I am looking forward to finishing the rest of this book during my bus rides!

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