Monday, April 4, 2011

Public Transportation?

I have been thinking about trying the Danville Mass Transit for my work commute.  I have only tried public transportation a couple of other times.  Once it turned out really well, the second time it wasn't so good... But I have never done public transportation on a regular basis.

Why am I considering this?  Well, mostly because it would cost less money.  I don't know exactly what I would be paying, but I do know that it would be significantly less than what I am already paying for gas.  You may also be wondering, why don't I carpool?  Well, if I am going to ride, then it would be nice to use that time to get things done.  That would be approximately 50 extra minutes per day to read, write, grade papers, study, etc. It actually sounds a little bit fun... if...

See, there is that if.

How much will it actually end up costing?  How accurate is the bus schedule?  Do I really want to sit outside and wait for the bus? Is the bus clean?  Does it smell?  These are the things that I am wondering about.

Do any of you use public transportation?  More importantly, do any of you use Danville Mass Transit?


  1. I'm currently serving on jury duty so I've ditched the regular cycle commute for a bus and train into the city. It's working pretty well and a lot less frustrating than sitting in bumper to bumper traffic.

    Mind you, I'm looking forward to being back on my bike regularly.

  2. If my schedule wasn't so hectic, the bike thing would sound nice. For now I will have to settle for motorized transport.


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