Tuesday, February 7, 2012

How Big is your View of God's Salvation?

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At Edgewood, we have been studying the book of Ephesians.  I think we started last September.  There was a short break in the study over the holidays, but January 1st we jumped back in. 

The theme for the book has been, "How big is your view of God?"  I left it at that through the course of the first 14 verses as Paul discussed all that God has done in Christ.  In verses 15 to 23 the theme was, "How big is your view of God's Church?"  because of the building emphasis on the church in the final two verses.  Paul built up through this prayer for the recipients of the letter, ending in this amazing pronouncement about the church, which, quite frankly, hardly fits what most people would think of the church.  If you would like to listen through either one of those first two mini-series portions of the Book of Ephesians, just visit our church's sermon audio blog.  

We are now in chapter two.  This is one of my favorite portions of the entire Bible.  I was able to preach through the first three verses last week which dealt with man's natural spiritual state.  We are dead, spiritually speaking, and by our very nature we deserve wrath.  That was a difficult message to preach through, mostly because our tendency, when talking about sin, is to deflect, thinking about the sinfulness of others while missing my own sinfulness.  Paul didn't do that.  He used words like "you" and "we" when discussing sin, instead of "them" and "those" as many of us do. 

I am looking forward to this coming week's message which includes two of the most important words in the Bible, "but God..."  Where would we be without these two words?

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