June 21, 2005

Be Ready!

As I have mentioned before, my summer job is a furniture mover.

I actually like the job. It is a nice change of pace from being a teacher, and it is also my summer weight-loss program. Some teachers do summer school. Some take vacations. There are many that have a trade that thy work at to make ends meet. Me, I move furniture and drive a big truck.

But the longer I do this, the more I find things that really bug me. The other day I mentioned one about things being sticky. Today I want to mention one about being ready.

I am tired to going to people's houses and they are not ready for the movers. I am talking about stuff not being in the boxes. Now, maybe they have some emotional attachment to their house, but I don't! In fact, one of my major goals when I arrive at a house is to get the job done as quickly as possible... and leave!

I don't want to be mean about it, but when it is moving day, have your stuff in boxes.