May 10, 2004

"My kids..."

Ok, Mr. Harmless doesn't know that I'm posting this because he is off in dreamyland and would hate it if he knew....but, I thought you all would like to hear what he said about you this past Friday night.

We went to the Junior/Senior. It was our first time attending for various reasons and my heart grieves that it is our last. It was lovely...really. I didn't know what to expect because of the criticisms that I had heard from non-attending students ( big geek-you missed it). What I found was a really emotional evening with lots of students that I believe are great. Really great. I talk often of all that you guys have in our school while failing to mention what we have in you. Despite the questionable entertainment and the eating of the gold fish(es), I walked away grateful for being invited to such and event.

On the way home we were re-living the night and Mr. Harmless began the whole "I hate that we are moving" conversation that happens on a weekly basis at our house. The thing that stuck out this round was how he felt when he watched the video of all the graduating students. He said, "It was very sad for me. I couldn't believe how much they had all grown up. I feel like they are MY fact, when I think of them in my mind, I call them "my kids".

Do you all know how much you are loved by your silly ole' Math and Bible teacher? He took a chance on a temporary job "teaching" and you have hooked him. You made a failure feel like a champ! Thank you...we will miss you more than you will ever know. The Wife


  1. i remember the first day i heard you were leaving. you told us in bible class. it was april fool's day. i kept waiting for you to say "just joking" but you never did. i couldnt think of a worse way to start off my day. i guess i liked to think of you as another dad that i had teaching me two periods of the day. what a lousy april fools joke :) -jared w.


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