May 15, 2004


My wife is awesome!

The last few times she has left town she has gone out and bought me several meals worth of easy food to make. The last time she left, she left me with the boys. But we were doing good because of her provision.

This time she not only left me with food, but she also left me with a menu. She listed out all of the food that she had bought as meals that I could make. Very thoughtful, but she neglected one item on the menu: The quesa-hamburger-dilla!

You see, she forgot that I love to experiment with whatever I come across in the fridge. I mean, if you have two foods that you like... why not put them together and make an even better food!

Here is the recipe for my quesa-hamburger-dilla.
  • flour tortillas

  • shredded cheese (any kind)

  • butter

  • hamburger patty (already grilled on the grill)

  • salsa

  • Get the skillet nice and hot. Drop some butter into the skillet and let it melt. Put the first tortilla in the skillet.

  • Cover with shredded cheese. (make sure some spills onto the skillet -- nothing better than browned cheese around the edges of your quesa-hamburger-dilla)

  • Cut the fresh-off-the-grill-hamburger into small pieces. Spread evenly over the cheese.

  • Dollup some salsa onto the cheese and beef.

  • Spread a little more cheese over the beef and salsa.

  • Cover with a second tortilla.

  • Let brown on one side and flip.

  • Take it out of the skillet. Cut into quarters. Serve!

That is my newest creation. You can also add lettuce, tomato, and sourcream to make the quesa-hamburger-dilla supreme!


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