May 21, 2004

still learning - #1

A couple of weeks ago my good friend, Jonathan Lambeth, asked my to prepare a testimony for Chapel. The testimony was supposed to be about what God has taught me this last year.

At first, I was like, "no problem! This ought to be easy. I have learned a lot this year." The problem was that God really had been teaching me a lot this year. So much so that it seemed that it was going to be difficult to pick one thing out.

So, I decided to do a top ten things that Mr. Harmless has learned this year type of scenario.

I would like to share all of those things with all of you via -- da blog. Only, I am not going to do a count-down. I also threw away the original paper that I had the ten things written on, so these may not be the exact same ten things.

Anyway, here is #1 -- God is good.

I could type about this one all day. I am not going to, but I could easily talk about this one. It doesn't matter what happens to us in this life, we can never say that God is not good. Everything that happens in this life is for our own good, and His glory.

There are things that we go through on this earth that would make it very easy for us to say, "God is not good!" "This is too much, This is too hard!" But those are crys of the un-seeing soul. The soul that doesn't see that God is in charge, and that he has promised us our good.

This is a little example, but I will use it.

Thursday morning in Bible class, the words, "God is good. There is nothing that will ever happen to you that you can say that God isn't good. In fact, everything that happens to you has been perfectly orchestrated to give you the optimal environment to make you the most like Christ..." came tumbling out of my mouth.

Thursday night on the main road going through town, when we were in a big rush to get somewhere with something important... the van died. Griping & Complaining immediately followed.

Then in the back of my head, like a still small voice, came the question, "is God good?"

I pretended like I couldn't hear it.

But it came again, and I knew that I needed to change my attitude. Even this trial, this frustrating, annoying, bad-timing, expensive trial, was exactly what I needed and could handle.

God is good.

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