December 2, 2004

The Count-Down

It is almost Christmas.

There is no snow in the air, and I haven't heard andy jingle bells, but I have checked my calendar and it is just around the corner. There are only 7 regular days of class left. Then there is Exam Week... all half-days! (Although I won't be going home at 11:30, I will be grading exams every day.)

Then it is Christmas.


  1. You are so have so many blogs and websites,i just cant keep up. i looked at one of the links on your blog about "E-26" and i really like them, i havent listened to them, but he sounds like a great guy. i have a funny story. one time when i was younger my mom took us to Marsh superstore, and parked in the firelane, so that brittney could go in and get some candy or something, and so we were sitting there, for the longest time, to this day we dont know why it took so long. so we were sitting in our van, listening to the music or something, and this man walked it had probably been about 5 minutes already, sitting in the firelane!! this man walks up next to the van window...and screams' get out of the fire lane, get out of the fire have 2 minutes..or im claling the cops.' it was scarry..but realyl funny.. but i understand that could be a pet peve. :)

  2. I don't think that I would ever yell at someone to get out of the firelane... But I have felt like it sometimes...

  3. You coming up at Christmas?? I have your yearbook...


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