December 13, 2004


My brother-in-law introduced me to this site the other day. There are several geeky things on the site, especially t-shirts that are designed for only the geekiest people to get. And as much as I hate to admit it, I found several of them quite funny.

Here is a picture of my personal favorite.

And here is a picture of the one that my wife picked out. (I like this one almost as much as I like the one that I picked.)

You will have to check out the rest of the t-shirts and evaluate your own geekiness. Here is a checklist you could use to determine whether or not you are a true geek.

  • if you find more than five of the t-shirts funny...
  • if you scrunch your shoulders up and laugh through your nose...
  • if you share them with all of your cubicle buddies...

...then you might be a geek.

The sure-fire way to tell if you are a geek is if you already knew about the think-geek site, or if you use the word combination -- "sure-fire."


  1. u r a geek and drink too much caffine-im not surprised that u r not jumping off the walls

  2. Thanks anon.

    I think...

    sounds like you could use some more caffeine.

  3. Hehe...hubby wanted to get me "I'm Blogging This" last year for my birthday I think.


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