January 5, 2005


I weigh more now, than I ever have in my life.

I weighed in at 194 lbs. on Sunday afternoon. I couldn't believe it. 194 lbs. That is only 6 lbs. away from 200 lbs. and I refuse to go there. There is no way that I am going to top 200! Not gonna happen.

So... The diet started on Monday.

I have never been on a diet before. I have thought about it, I have toyed with the idea, but then I went ahead and ate that extra Krispy Kreme. It just wasn't that important to me. I didn't really care how much I weighed, but I never thought that I would even get close to 200 lbs.!!!

A little depressing.

So a dieting I will go. I am not going to say which diet I am on. It is a fairly well-known diet. But I am going to be giving weekly updates on my current weight. I just figured if I made it public knowledge, it might help me to stick to it.

So here I am at 194 lbs. and counting... down.

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