January 12, 2005

the rain

The rain fell softly and slowly,
its pitter-patter lulling the man
into thoughts of comfort,
but never warning him
of the oncoming storm.


  1. Yay for poetry! Go Mr. Harmless. I admit I am a tree-loving, recycling, blog addict and poetry lover. It's Lydia Crigger, a Faith Christian graduate by the seat of my pants. I attended your math classes as a skinny, niave freshman and sophomire. Do you remember me? Charli Stewart, my roomie says hi also. She is sitting here with me as i write this. Hope you are doing well, and best wishes from Purdue, even though we stunk at football this year...boo. Ok time to quit blabberling on. Bye!
    ~Lydia Crigger

  2. Hey! You sounded like you were trying to remind me of who you were. How could I forget Lydia?!? Or Charli for that matter.

    I hope everything is going well, I checked out your blog, very nice.

    Thanks for leaving a comment!


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