January 27, 2005

Just Coffee

I think that this is really amazing. And Cool. Coffee Art.

Anticipating the Day

Light of the Harbor

The site is just coffee, and all of this art is done with coffee. Just coffee. Espresso for the darker spots, a lighter coffee for the lighter areas. It is all done in the same method that you would paint with water colors.

See the entire gallery here.

The artist is a distant cousin to one of the students in my computer class. She showed it to me, and I thought that I would pass it on to you.


  1. Looks good and smells good? What could be better? Ah...some coffee to drink to go with it!

  2. No doubt!

    If I could choose, I would be putting some of these on my walls.

  3. It's been awhile since I've visited your blog; I'm glad to see you're still talking about coffee- all is right with the world. Have you ever had Vietnamese drip coffee? If so, then you know that "French Roast" is mere water!
    -God bless

  4. thats awesome

    i wonder if you can lick it(might be a little strong)haha. Ive started getting coffe down at cafe' delgorno by the southtrust on woodruff. I know the owner(Sheri)
    she goes to my church and i get guitar lessons from her son in law. really nice place(and really nice coffee) u ought to go there sometime

  5. I will have to check it out.

    I am always willing to try a new coffe place.

  6. Wonder if there is any art made entirely from Frappuchino's gosh.. im embarassed to admit it but for the hundreds of these drinks that I have consumed I have no idea how to spell it...

  7. Well, now that my wife is a coffee specialist, I suppose that I might learn to spell those words one day. And when I do... I will tell you how to spell them as well.

    I wonder about smoothie art. It seems that there might be more color options.

    Cheeseburger art might get a little smelly.


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