Thursday, February 2, 2006

Coffee worship

Every week the pastor of our church sends out a church-wide e-mail with some though-provoking comments concerning the coming week's teaching. This week's e-mail says this:

Which is better, worshipping (a) at a church or (b) at Starbucks? George Barna would answer (b). He contends that Spirit-filled, biblical Christians are throwing off the traditional trappings of local church worship and creating highly personal expressions of their love for God. He calls this a revolution,” like the Reformation, Great Awakening, and Missionary Age. Churches can either jump in or lose out.

Is this good or bad? How does this emphasis relate to Jesus'’ teaching on “spirit and truth” worship? We will tackle these kinds of questions this Sunday morning.

I am really excited about this topic because it seems like such a prevalent opinion with so many oChristianristian" bloggers out there. I have even met a few people who gather together, yet refuse to call themselves a "church" because they don't like the implications of that name.

I think that I know where the Bible stands on this, but I am interested to see what my pastor has to say about it. I have great respect for him and his teaching and I am really looking forward to this.

(By the way, last week's sermon was excellent... you could listen to it here.)


  1. so uncle matt...i'm sitting in class yesterday with one of my favorite profs when i realize he reminds me a lot of someone. i kept trying to think of who it was...and then i realized, it's you. he looks like you, acts like you, and talks like you. he teaches 2 of my classes and he is like my favorite here...but of course you're way cooler. just thought i'd let you know

  2. o man! i wish i had a professor that i could compare to mr harmless! i have one that reminds me of will ferrell though.... still missin the cheese factory stories :D


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